Tizen Second Most Popular Mobile Platform Among Budget Customers in India – Samsung



Samsung officially unveiled its latest Tizen smartphone and the second ever at an event in India yesterday. During the said event, Samsung executives made some very bold claims: that the Tizen platform is now only second to Android as far as popularity amongst the budget-conscious goes in India, one of the hottest smartphone markets in the world at the moment.

India was for quite some time the only market where Samsung’s first Tizen smartphone to go on sale, the Samsung Z1, was available in. That was before it was also made available in neighbouring Bangladesh and Nepal. And now, thanks to the good sales record of the Z1 (over 1 million sold in just 6 months), India has the honour of being the first market to get the latest Tizen smartphone, the new Samsung Z3. The nation also hosted the Samsung Tizen Developer’s Conference recently where the Z3 and the new Samsung smartwatch SDK (for the Gear S2) was previewed.


Source: BGR


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