Huawei May Be Entering the Netbook Market in 2016



Huawei is already conquering the world as far as smartphone shipments go. It’s MediaPad tablet lineup and its Y, Honor, Mate and P smartphone lineups have ensured that all consumer segments (low-end, mid-range and high-end) are sufficiently catered for. But that may not be enough. The company may be looking forward to increasing its visibility by entering the PC space with a new range of low-powered devices.

According to Digitimes, Huawei may be looking to introduce 2-in-1s (convertibles) as it seeks to keep its revenues up in the wake of sluggish device sales in China (its largest market) and elsewhere thanks to market saturation.

The devices, it is rumoured, will run on Microsoft’s Windows 10.

Huawei already has a strong brand presence in Africa and the Middle East besides its traditional Asian bases and may make some strides with its netbooks if they’re priced favourably, something already being hinted to at this point.

By entering the netbook space with its rumoured 2-in-1s, Huawei will be following in the footsteps of rival Xiaomi, China’s number one smartphone maker at the moment, which has already announced similar plans and is partnering with Taiwanese original device manufacturer Inventec to ship its first laptop by Q2 2016.