Instagram’s Boomerang Will have you doing GIFs a Strange new way

Instagam Boomerang

Instagam Boomerang

Instagram started as a social network that let people share photos with filters and this made the whole culture of editing photos by adding filters cool. The app however has matured overtime to add 15 second videos, direct messaging, improved Explore tab that shows curated collections, improved search and supports photo sizes that are not necessarily square. Instagram also released Layout, an app that was seen as an answer to PhotoGrid which allows you to combine several photos into one frame.

Now, the company announced another app for the Instagram community called Boomerang and no, its not about photos and videos that you share coming back at you at some point. Instagram describes Boomerang as a new video app that lets you turn everyday moments into something fun and unexpected. So clearly, Boomerang is just a fancy GIF maker that takes multiple photos (10) and stitches them together to make a  video. The resulting videos can be taken either in portrait or landscape after which you share it to your followers on Instagram or your friends on Facebook.

So how do you take Boomerang videos? Well this video explains how you take them:

It is a very simple app with a virtual shutter button at the centre and a camera lens virtual switch on the right. You can also alternate between the primary and secondary camera by swiping across the interface. Once you take a burst shot by holding on the virtual shutter button, it quickly pre-loads another screen that lets you preview the “video” you’ve made so that you can later on share to Instagram and Facebook.

Get ready to see your Instagram timeline being filled with GIFs made by Boomerang soon. Go on and download the app which is currently available for Android and iOS .