This Instagram Page is an Archive of Messages a Woman Received from Creeps

Instagram creeps

Instagram creeps

Stalkers are everywhere in real life and it is not surprising they are also present in social media. To counter stalkers online, popular social networking sites have features like block, mute, flag or report as spam which allows the user to control the content they want to see on their account.

According to Huffington Post, Mia Matsumiya is an Asian-American professional violinist who is rather short (4’9″) and according to her, this combination seems to attract an insane amount of unacceptable, predatory behaviour.  Matsumiya also explained that she has encountered Asian fetishes, pedophiles stalkers, racists and it was so much to the point that if someone would have sent her the most scathing of comments, she wouldn’t show any reaction to it.

“I started getting the messages when I began blogging” she told BuzzFeed which was between 2003 and 2010 while in New York. She has been receiving this sort of messages from what she terms asstalkers, pervs and crazies. She opened an Instagram account which she appropriately named  @perv_magnet where she decided to post screenshots of over 1000 messages she has received from such people for the last decade.

The Instagram account has gained quite a following where currently it has over 48 thousand followers with only 75 posts. Some of the content that she posts are truly disturbing and clearly show how people can be quite creepy and perverted on social media. Here are some of the screenshots she posted on her Instagram account.