New Artificial Intelligence Gives Us A Glimpse Of The Future Facebook

Facebook's New Notification tab update

Facebook's New Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is one of those scientific technologies that seem futuristic but are quite present in our daily lives. It is used extensively by Internet based companies like Google and Facebook as examples in various applications like Google Photos, Facebook Moments and the likes. Facebook in particular has been quite keen on AI as it tries to use it to improve how people use the services they offer in their extensive ecosystem.

Facebook today has demoed a new feature based on AI that gives a rather accurate description of your photos. The company’s goal is to integrate AI into the daily lives of the average Facebook user by developing AI that learns just like how a human does. The system apparently can distinguish images 30% faster and requires 10 times less training data than before.

The new AI system, named VQA is a combination of a system called Memory Networks that reads and answer questions and in conjunction with image recognition, a person can ask it to explain what is contained in a photo. Facebook says the system can “predict correctly 90% of the time” which they claim is “better than most humans.

Facebook also posted a video of people using the tech and judging from the facial expression, they were pleasantly stunned by the technology. This is not the first venture by Facebook to incorporate AI to their app as they have used facial recognition in Moments to organize your photos just like what we have seen on Google Photos. The feature is not available yet but check out the video below to learn more about the cool AI Facebook is working on.