Uber India rape case Driver Sentenced to Life in Prison



Uber, the San-Fransisco based ride-hailing app has been stepping up its efforts as it chases growth in one of the most populous nations on earth. Uber currently ranks second in the ride hailing business in India behind Ola cabs. Uber has set an ambitious target to in the next six to nine months  average one million rides a day. Uber is currently making 200,000 rides a day while Ola cabs averages 750,000 rides a day with a target of one million rides by the end of the September.

The entry of Uber into the Indian market was marred by controversy when a female passenger reported a case of rape by one Uber driver partners. The case led to the suspending of Uber’s operations in India. In a bid to quell the backlash, Uber added a panic button to allow passengers call for help in times of need. It also bolstered the security checks conducted on drivers besides constituting a board in charge of security.  The passenger then sued Uber in the United States federal court arguing the company failed to uphold safety procedures. Uber on the other hand argued that she sued the wrong entity as the driver had a contract with Uber B.V registered in Netherlands. The passenger later withdrew her case owing to private meditation between the victim and the company.

The driver was however arrested in December 2014 and charged in a court in India. According to BBC,  the driver has today been sentenced to life in prison. The driver was also charged of criminal intimidation and kidnapping.