Man’s Life Saved by a Samsung Galaxy S6 During Paris Terror Attacks


Terrorists struck a few hours ago at the heart of French capital, Paris, with over 100 people reported to be dead and scores of others injured in the attacks at various locations in the city. In one of the attacks, a man only identified as Sylvestre, escaped unhurt thanks to his smartphone, a Samsung Galaxy S6.

According to him, the device shielded him from shrapnel that would’ve hit his head when the attackers struck near Stade de France where the French national football team was playing against Germany’s national team. As a result, the Galaxy S6, as can be seen from the above image, is dented on the underside and the screen smashed.

This is not the first time that a mobile device is being credited with saving a man’s life. Last year, another Samsung smartphone, the Galaxy Mega, was reported to have saved a man’s life by taking the bullet on his behalf. There are also many documented instances of the hardened Nokia mobile phones coming to people’s rescue in times of need as was the case with the Lumia 520, the legendary Nokia 3310, the Nokia X2 and a BlackBerry Curve and HTC Evo 3D in past years as well.


Photos: Mirror UK


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