Samsung Galaxy Mega Saves Man’s Life From Bullet At Close Range

galaxy mega bullet

Not exactly the hero story, but these things happen and have become commonplace where the phone comes to save the day when someone is shot at. Nokia for the longest time has taken credit for being the saviour many of these times. You now, a Nokia is known for being the hardy type, together with cockroaches and African dictators. Samsung is a rather surprising change of events. Particularly at close range.

Here’s the story. This guy was at a bar and he saw a wallet lying around, picked it and threatened to buy everyone in the bar a round of beer. Such a kind gentlemen. Now the owner is not quite the philanthropic type and was soon engaged with swearing and a fist fight ensued. By the way, Han is the guy throwing rounds of beer while Xu is the financier.

Well it wouldn’t occur to anyone that a man would have a sickle at a pub, but Han had one and this was to become the weapon of defence. Xu on the other hand had a gun and while they went out for the friendly fist fight to decide whether the beer round thing was going to happen or not, thing got real when Xu popped the gun and actually shot at Han.

Han out of instinct raised his hand and the bullet passed through it towards the chest cavity, only to be stopped by a 6.3 inch Galaxy Mega phablet which was in his shirt pocket. Han was able to get treated of his hands wound but as for the chest the phone had matters catered for, and he was not harmed.

Now you wouldn’t go out with your 6.3 inch phone in your shirt pocket to avert such a situation, would you? It saved a life though and Xu later did turn himself in. So folks,should you choose to buy friends a round with someone’s money, be sure to have a 6 inch phablet in your shirt pocket.

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