Huawei’s New Tech Charges Up Your Smartphone Battery in the Shortest Time Ever!



One of the downsides of owning modern-day mobile devices is that you end up becoming a slave of the charging ports. Really, a captive. You’re either by the wall or stuck next to a USB charging port juicing up your device fro time to time whether it is the newest smartphone or the latest wearable. There have been several advancements on this front like the fast charging that the likes of Samsung and Qualcomm have come up with but honestly, we are yet to get there. Huawei thinks it can take the mobile to the next level it has been anticipating.

Videos uploaded by the company from the Battery Symposium in Japan shows two batteries, one like the one you’re likely to find on wearables and another like what you’ll find on a smartphone like the Galaxy Note 5, being charged up in a short period of time. The smaller battery unit (600mAh) takes just 2 minutes to go from dying on you to being 68% full while the larger battery unit (3,000mAh) takes 5 minutes to be juiced up to 48%.


There is no specific timeline as to when we can actually see this on devices in the market but we Huawei and the other players who have been working on making this kind of technology available to our devices are able to do so soon since we may still be quite a long way from seeing longer lasting batteries. Getting better quick-charge options will go a long way.