Someone easily changed Mark Zuckerberg’s workplace status on Facebook

Facebook bug

Facebook bug

One of the biggest stress factors for a developer is bugs. The debugging process usually does not lead to a complete removal of bugs present in the code and that is why companies sometimes offer huge rewards to find any bugs.

This case however involves a bug on Facebook where you can easily manipulate someone’s post on Facebook of where they currently work. A post by one Sachin Thakuri points out that he was able to change Mark Zuckerberg’s post about his work place status.

So how was he able to do this? Well in Zuckerberg’s case, there is a post of him stating he started working at Facebook in 2004 as shown by this link. When you remove “ustart=1” from the URL as shown by this link and refresh, it shows that Mark Zuckerberg left the company.

I was curious to try that for my profile instead where I edited the link to my workplace post on Facebook by deleting ustart=1 and as expected, it indicated that I had left.

left job

However when you hit the share button, it still shows that you are still working for the company you indicated so no problem about that. However this can be used maliciously by other people and this is a bug Facebook should fix as soon as possible and Sachin even indicated that they have reported the matter to Facebook. Since you can make an intelligent guess Facebook receive tons of bug fixing requests in a day, it will be upto the company to fix this as soon as possible.