Google lets you skin its apps with a Star Wars makeover

Google Star Wars

Google Star Wars

There is a new Star Wars movie that is slated to premiere next month and Google has decided to gaga over it by releasing a tool that allows you to join the dark side or the light side.

The search giant has partnered with Disney and Lucasfilm in building this tool that skins several Google apps that you use with various Star Wars elements. Some of the elements include wallpapers that bear characters from the franchise, light sabers and among others. “So when we first heard about Episode VII, we started thinking about a Google tribute to these epic stories..”  Google’s Clay Bavor said on the blogpost.  “As this list of ideas grew, so too did the band of passionate engineers and product folks who wanted to build them.’

Once you load the website, you are prompted to choose a side. Once you choose, you can choose an avatar that will bear the faction’s symbol watermark. The Google apps that are appropriately skinned according to the faction chosen include Android wear, Google search app, Google Calendar, Maps, Google Translate, Waze, Inbox, Gmail, Chromecast, Waze and YouTube. The changes that I have been able to see include:

  • On YouTube, the progress bar is neon blue in colour if you choose the light side and neon red if you choose the dark side
  • New Gmail wallpapers respective to the faction chosen
  • On Chrome, if you open a new tab, it shows wallpapers that are based on the faction you chose

May the force be with you as you debate on whether you will side with dark side or the light side of the force.