Samsung Galaxy S7 Tipped to Feature Retina Scanner and ‘3D Touch’


Galaxy S6 Edge Qi charging

Samsung Galaxy S7, the successor to the Galaxy S6 smartphone, is expected to arrive earlier than expected in 2016. While details on that are still scanty and new information from more credible sources points otherwise (only market availability may be pushed forward), tiny bits of information about its feature set are beginning to emerge.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the Galaxy S7 will pack a retina scanner as well as a pressure-sensitive display, features that the current line of premium smartphones from the Korean device maker misses. The pressure-sensitive display is likely a response to rivals like Apple and Huawei who have already gone to market with such on their smartphones. The iPhone 6S has what Apple calls 3D Touch while Huawei’s ‘force touch’ was the first implementation of its kind in a smartphone even though Apple had long been rumoured to be working on the same after the feature debuted on its smartwatch.

Like last year, the Galaxy S7 is expected to have a curved-display sibling in the form of the Galaxy S6 Edge.

Other remarkable features of the new smartphone from Samsung that are expected are super fast charging thanks to the use of USB Type-C charging port and a microSD slot for memory expansion, something left out for the first time ever in a Samsung Galaxy S device, in the Galaxy S6. Google’s Nexus smartphones ship with USB Type-C connection/charging ports since Android now supports it from version 6.0, Marshmallow.


Source: WSJ