These are the top searches Kenyans made on Google this year

Google year in search 2015

Google year in search 2015

Google has released a report of the search trends for the year 2015 in a beautiful graphic that shows the global trends for the year in a timeline format. Some of these top searches include the hot debate about the colour of a certain dress, Volkswagen car emissions scandal, the migrant crisis and the unfortunate Paris terror attack.

Naturally, I was curious to check out which questions topped the searches on Google by Kenyans. After hitting the “Explore all Searches” tab at the bottom of the corner and clicking on “View all lists”, the results for Kenya were rather surprising.

In this report, the searches were categorized under How to (Food and Nutrition, Love and Relationships), What is (Global Personalities) and  Trending (Movies , Music and TV series). Here is the list of the top searches under those categories:

 Love and Relationships

  • How to date a girl
  • How to use a condom
  • How to get a girlfriend
  • How to increase fertility
  • How to start a conversation with a girl


  • Hello
  • Amarula
  • Nerea
  • Classic man
  • Hotline Bling

TV Series

  • La Gata
  • Empire
  • La Malquerida
  • Quantico
  • Mentir Para Vivir


  • WHat is Ebola
  • What is HIV/AIDs
  • What is pneumonia
  • What is cramps
  • What is chlamydia infection

Global Personalities

  • Barack Obama
  • Pedro Rodriguez
  • Pope Francis
  • Lamar Odom
  • Floyd Mayweather

Food and Nutrition

  • How to make simple cake
  • How to cook fish fillet
  • How to make meat pie
  • How to make pudding
  • How to make bhajia


  • Fifty Shades of Grey
  • Straight Outta Compton
  • Furious 7
  • Spectre
  • The Interview

There are around 26 million Internet users in Kenya which is over half of the entire population in the county and such information can be used effectively by various stakeholders to provide information people are looking for. When you compare to last year’s report, there is almost no correlation which means we are dealing with a very dynamic landscape and it won’t be shocking if the report for the year 2016 is starkly different from the 2015 one.