Steve Harvey crowns the wrong Miss Universe, Twitter goes mad



I had no clue the annual Miss Universe pageant was being held today and the event went viral thanks to a gaffe by Steve Harvey, the famous TV show personality. He was the host of the Miss Universe 2015 event and after naming the 2nd runners up, 2 countries were left: Colombia and the Philippines. All Harvey was to do was to announce the winner and the other contestant would know she was the runners up. Well, it didn’t go as planned as shown by this following video:

In the video, Steve Harvey crowned the contestant from Colombia as the Miss Universe for the year 2015. However, he quickly realized his mistake and was very professional about it and said “I have to apologize” and ended up rectifying the situation by naming the Colombian the 1st runners up. The winner, the contestant from the Philippines was visibly confused about the matter and with an awkward walk to the podium.

People from all over the world reacted to this faux pas made by Steve Harvey and in classic Twitter fashion, an endless stream of memes and vines started populating the timeline.

His Wikipedia page was edited forthrightly

This meme (probably from a Saturday Night Live sketch) captured the event perfectly

Poor Leonardo Di Caprio, he had to be included in this mix.

If you ever watched Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift’s moment after she won an award at the VMAs, you would understand this mem

Colombians on Twitter were pretty mad about the error he made

Steve Harvey quickly issued an apology on Twitter, but he ended up making another mistake where he typed “Columbia” instead of Colombia.

We even had the opportunity to see a snapshot of the card Steve Harvey was reading from.

It is commendable Steve Harvey apologized about the whole issue but there is an unwritten rule on the web that says “The Internet never forgets” and this incident will be brought up in the future many times.