Twitter has been down for over an hour and the company has acknowledged it

twitter is down error message

Service disruptions happen all the time with online based companies and they last for very short periods of time, but in this case, Twitter has been down for an hour. We can only see the classic “Something is technically wrong” error message the website displays when it is down.

twitter is down error message

The company has released a statement on their Twitter Status Tumblr blog that they use to report any service issues that are affecting Twitter:

“Some users are currently experiencing problems accessing Twitter. We are aware of the issue and are working towards a resolution”

From the statement, Twitter has acknowledged there is a problem but only for some users. Where we are in Kenya, it is currently offline but we are sure the engineers at the company are working hard to restore their services. The mobile app too is offline so the issue is not limited to Twitter for web.

This major outage reminds us of the classic “Fail whale” error message Twitter users used to see almost daily when Twitter was overcapacity. For those who don’t know, this is how the Fail whale error message looked like:

twitter fail whale

It is good those dark days are over since we had to wait for a while for Twitter to be back so as to continue tweet. As usual, you will have to check out for trending topics like #WhenTwitterWasDown or something of the sort when the site is up because let’s face it, trending topics have become quite predictable. Twitter has not given a timeline of when the site is up so you can go on and do other stuff online like say hi to people on Facebook, window shop at Pinterest or reblog stuff on Tumblr.