Infinix Hot 2, the Android One Smartphone, Getting Marshmallow Update


The first Android One smartphone in the Kenyan and African markets is finally getting the anticipated Android 6.0 Marshmallow update.

While there have been reports of the update hitting several Android One devices as early as late November last year, it has taken quite some time for it to get to the Infinix Hot 2. Anyway, it is finally here. Our review unit just received the update this morning.

Here are several screen grabs:

Lollipop vs Marshmallow: Spot the difference
Lollipop vs Marshmallow: Spot the difference


Android 6.0, codenamed Marshmallow, brings several improvements to the core Android user experience.

Some of the new features of Android Marshmallow include an update to Google Now that introduces Now on Tap, a more context-aware feature of Google’s personal assistant. There’s also Doze, a feature that serves to preserve battery when a device is no longer in use or locked by making sure apps wake up periodically only when there is need instead of continuously running in the background.

Another big change is users finally being able to decide the specific permissions to grant applications, a thorny issue since user privacy has always been critical. Also, plugging in an Android device to a PC results in the device charging by default instead of displaying the contents of the device. This will only happen if the user explicitly grants that permission.

Other features of Android 6.0 which are limited to supported devices and you won’t find them on the Infinix Hot 2 include native support for fingerprint sensors, USB Type-C among several others.