Screenshots of the Reddit Android app have surfaced

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Reddit is one of those early new age social networks and it has a unique place in the social media space since it is regarded as the front page of the internet. For a while, if an event is happening, it will be shared on Reddit then later on shared to other networks. Other social networks like Twitter have overshadowed Reddit in this aspect where now you can get the latest breaking news but Reddit still has that special place in the space.

However, unlike the other social networks where they have a dedicated web platform, mobile apps and even on wearables, Reddit has never had official apps which is weird since it sounds almost insane why a social network of its calibre has taken so long to launch official mobile apps. However, third party vendors have come forth to launch apps for the social network but you still get a feeling a first party app is needed.

This has changed where last month, Reddit announced that you sign up to get the official app, which was good news from the company. Now, screenshots of the Reddit App have surfaced as reported by Android police


reddit android screenshot
screenshots: Android Police

Android Police had time to check at the app  and it has cleanly incorporated Lollipop and Marshmallow’s Material Design theme well. Reddit’s CEO, Steve Huffman described the new focus on mobile in a Reddit Announcement post where he says “mobile in particular continues to be a priority for us” and continued by saying “Our new Android App is going into beta today, and our new iOS app should follow it out soon.” The app is a closed beta and it is only available to a select few.

However at the moment, the apk has been removed at APK Mirror from request at Reddit’s request although it won’t hurt to wait for the final release. This sounds like a new direction by the CEO and it might even pull in even more unique visitors than it currently has from this strategy.

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