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Twitter Testing ‘Dislike’ Button. Thanks, We Hate It.

After failing to copy Instagram Stories for their Fleets feature, Twitter is cloning Reddit's upvote and downvote feature. For clarification, Reddit wasn't the first...

Social Media Is Impeding Our Efforts Against COVID-19

Social Media is probably the most outstanding evidence of how the internet has made the world one common playroom. However, the general lack of...
Donald Trump Twitter

Donald Trump Deplatformed: All the Social Media Networks and Websites That Have Banned/Restricted Him So Far

There was a lot going on this past week but the complete chaos was when the US Capitol was sieged by insurrectionist mobs last...

Reddit Acquires TikTok Rival Dubsmash. Twitter, Facebook and Snap Were Also Interested.

Short-form video is all the rage on social media and Reddit is now the latest tech giant to hop on that bandwagon - they...

Reddit’s Official App Now Supports Android Q’s Dark Mode Toggle

As the official launch of Android Q gets closer, apps have been refining their dark mode/theme in order to support Android Q's system-wide dark mode....
Nokia 7.1 Screen

Android Q Engineering Reddit AMA: Roundup of Everything Important You Need to Know

Reddit's AMA(Ask Me Anything) is a great feature for discussions between people and  Google's Android Engineering team recently had an AMA session on the...

Pretend to Be Working with These Chrome Extensions

People have always found ways to pretend they are working when evidently they are not. Most people will head over to the internet to...

Facebook Reverses Ban on Some Crypto-Ads, Updates Stories as It Reaches 400m Daily Users

Facebook & Co. Facebook relaxed its ban on some cryptocurrency adverts. The company will now allow some preapproved advertisers to promote crypto businesses and services, like...

Clicked : Roundup of Tech News from GDPR, Facebook, Alexa, Youtube Music to Spotify

Clicked is a roundup of links to consumer tech articles we read covering everything from GDPR, social media, gadgets/devices to streaming services. GDPR GDPR came...
Reddit new design

Reddit is Rolling Out its New Redesign in Over a Decade

Reddit is one of those social networks that have largely stuck with their classic user interface since  the mid 2000s. When other networks moved...
reddit native video
Android O

Android O’s Engineering Team Will Have an AMA on Reddit at 10PM, July 19

Reddit is a gem of the Internet where people share experiences, jokes and lots of knowledge about a lot of things on the site’s...

Handcarved Avocado Becomes The Subject Of A Photoshop Battle On Reddit

Reddit went crazy over a handcrafted avocado photo and came up with a number of Photoshopped versions of it

These Could be the Worst Designed Volume Sliders According to Reddit

Reddit is a fun place to be in, ask Kiruti and he'll tell you. The latest trend coming out of Reddit's shelves is a...
reddit wants to ditch CSS

Reddit Wants To Change One Of The Coolest Things About It

Reddit has been with us for the last 12 years and it is one of the few social networks out there with a retro...

LG Slapped with a Lawsuit for Defective Phones

It turns out that selling defective smartphones can get manufacturers into trouble, and in this case, we are talking about LG. If you are a...
tiny trump

‘Tiny Trump’ Is The New Photoshop Craze On Reddit

People on Reddit are Photoshopping Trump in several situations where he appears tiny and they are hilarious

The Internet Turned This Photo Of Trump Into a Meme Fest

This is going to be a golden era for meme makers in the next 4 years. Donald Trump, US newest President has become catnip for...

The Internet Decided To Photoshop This Cute Baby Turtle And It Is Crazy

In the world of photoshop, there are no bounds and Reddit did just that to a baby turtle

Redditor Asks A Question About Life Tips And The Responses Are Gold

Someone decided to ask Reddit about what crappy advice they would find if life had a loading screen, and of course people responded.

The Internet Did Not Ignore Obama’s Awkward Meeting With Trump

Yesterday, a planned meetup of President Obama and the President-elect Donald Trump happened at the Oval office in the White House. It was the...

Obama and Putin Get The Photoshop Treatment on Reddit

Obama and Putin shaked hands at a G20 summit in China and a particular photo became the subject of a Photoshop treatment on Reddit.

Reddit ditches Imgur, will now allow you upload images and GIFs natively

Uploading photos is one of the intrinsic functions of social networks and it has become a default feature. Not all networks started with the...

Reddit finally launches its official Android and iOS app

Reddit has never had an official app for mobile and it was rather weird for a social network of its stature to miss the...
Reddit block

Reddit introduces the block button a decade later

Reddit was founded way back in 2005 and thanks to its unique position of real time updates of what is happening all over the...

Reddit’s CEO revealed they receive requests for data by government agencies

One of the key highlights that I talked about on what you expect in the social media front for this year is the issue...
reddit logo

Screenshots of the Reddit Android app have surfaced

Reddit is one of those early new age social networks and it has a unique place in the social media space since it is...
Reddit upvoted

Reddit will launch a news site called Upvoted but won’t let you upvote

According to a report by the Wired, Reddit will launch a news site called Upvoted that will focus on what Reddit is known for: Being...
Google Alphabet predicted

Alphabet, Google’s holding company was sort of predicted on Reddit a year ago

Google recently announced changes to its corporate structure by announcing Alphabet, a holding company which made Google as one of the subsidiaries. Larry Page,...

Reddit’s New CEO Announced Improved Content Policy for the Site

Reddit has gone through turmoil these past weeks, from the controversial firing of Victoria Taylor, credited with the growth of Ask Me Anything...
Reddit Videos

20 hilarious short videos shared on a Reddit thread

Two days ago, a Reddit user going by username AptNinja asked "What's your favorite video that is 10 seconds or less?" and that query generated...

Reddit Cracks The Whip On Groups Over Harassment

Reddit announced a change on their site that will prevent harassment on the site, but also protect free expression and sharing of ideas on...

Bitcoin loyalists destroy their iPhones in protest at Apple’s decision to pull Bitcoin apps from App Store

I am a big fan of Reddit and quite prominent there as well (pseudonyms my friends). There's something about Reddit, redditors and the whole...

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