The Internet Decided To Photoshop This Cute Baby Turtle And It Is Crazy



Image manipulation using software (colloquially referred to as Photoshop thanks to the popular Adobe program) is one of the winners thanks to social media. Image editing programs like Adobe Photoshop were used for editing photos but nowadays, people use them to turn a random photo into an instant meme.

You tend to see these photoshopped images everywhere on the social media landscape, but one place that you are guaranteed to see them being uploaded in action is Reddit. The subreddit Photoshop battles is one of the popular groups on Reddit (over 9 million readers) and it has a vibrant community of people who photoshop images when challenged like the one that involved Obama and Putin.

This time round, the photo in question that was presented as a challenge for the community to come up with various photoshopped variants of a baby turtle.


If you don’t know which species of turtle shown above, it is a red-bellied short-necked turtle and this adorable turtle was a hit on the subreddit which was generated over 400 comments on the post. The photoshop attempts ranged from editing its belly pattern to placing it on weird scenes.

This guy decided to photoshop the outline of the Eiffel tower on the belly of the turtle.

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More illustrations (this looks like a cartoon character)

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The classic Sistine chapel paintings had to be featured 

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Thanks to its posture, some guy decided to give it a basketball

He’s shelling out nasty dunks!

As a ninja turtle reaching out for a slice of pizza

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Baby turtle ballerina 

Tiny Dancer


Street art featuring the baby turtle

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