Obama and Putin Get The Photoshop Treatment on Reddit

Trust Reddit to jump on this bandwagon


Any photo on the internet can be made into a meme thanks to photo editing tools and especially if it looks amusing to people. That is why we saw recently of an old photo of a cat in snow being turned into a freekick specialist thanks to various photoshopped variants that we saw being shared on Twitter.

This time round, the Photoshop battle was on Reddit and it involved two of the most powerful heads of state: Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama. In this photo, they were locked in a stare which was rather stark to be honest but was ripe for a Photoshop battle in the inter-webs. The stare between the presidents was photoshopped with alike themes like for example a rival match between them. Here are some of the best posted on the subreddit thread.

People on Reddit took the challenge on the subreddit Photoshop battles and as you know the result was hilarious.

North Korea’s President, Kim Jong-un had to make an appearance

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Obama and Putin under an umbrella

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The Presidents on a romantic beach scene

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Fight Night!

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The internet really wants them to fight

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Harry Potter reference had to be made up: Slytherin vs Gryffindor!

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Kim Jogn-un had to make an appearance again!

<3 Notice me senpai

Someone decided to make a Streetfighter pop culture reference pitting the two presidents together

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Someone decided to go a step further by posting a link of a video on Vimeo that is a photo montage of Obama and Putin dancing to an 80s song.


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  1. […] You tend to see these photoshopped images everywhere on the social media landscape, but one place that you are guaranteed to see them being uploaded in action is Reddit. The subreddit Photoshop battles is one of the popular groups on Reddit (over 9 million readers) and it has a vibrant community of people who photoshop images when challenged like the one that involved Obama and Putin. […]

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