This Cat Photo Turned Into Twitter Meme Proves They Rule The Interwebs


Time and time again, we have come to accept the fact that the internet was made for cats. Apparently, it is estimated that the internet holds over 6.5 billion cat pictures and there are over 2 million videos of cats on YouTube which have generated 26 billion views on the site. It is impossible to avoid these adorable felines and this case attributes to that fact.

We have seen cats made into memes (like Grumpy cat) or see them in awkward poses like the cat we are featuring today. The photo is of a cat in a snowy landscape which was photographed in an awkward position, maybe while it was re-positioning itself from the cold snow. Checking out the image on Google Images reveals that it is not a new photo after all (as early as 2010) but this photo has gained notoriety on Twitter on a specific audience: Football.

Thanks to the hilarious pose of the cat, people on Twitter realized that it looked strikingly similar to a professional footballer in the process of taking a freekick and the result was a Photoshop bonanza.

This is the tweet that popularized the cat photo

which led to a Photoshop spree

The comparisons to Beckham was inevitable

Someone decided to make it look like it made a bicycle kick

It was even compared to Ronaldo

The cat was given a name: Catinho…obviously coined from generic Brazilian names

People on Twitter really like football (as evident from the activity during game weeks) and the addition of “Catinho” will forever be endeared by Twitter folk.


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