Copyright Board Issues Warning to Corporates About Meme Reproduction

Memes are some of the most entertaining products of the social media craze. We use them for multiple reasons, but they are primarily put...
AirPods Pro

Apple’s New AirPods Pro Inspire Familiar Memes

Apple announced the new AirPods Pro and they are the more premium versions of their hugely successful wireless earphones brand. They add features like...

Compilation of the Best Me Explaining Memes

The "Me Explaining" memes have been trending and has become our favourite meme the past few days. Th meme combines two reaction images to...

Kenyan Vlogger’s Day as a MEME is all the Comic Relief we Need

Time and time again, we've seen how social media can turn anything into a meme. This is usually true across the social networking apps:...
sonko obama twitter meme

Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko Becomes a Meme After Photo Goes Viral

Former US President, Barack Obama is in the country and obviously had to do the classic meet and greet with our leaders at State...

This Guy Illustrated His Professional Sins With Help of Trending Meme

There has been a meme floating around Twitter that involves a guy who gets distracted by another woman while with another woman. The distracted...
beyonce ordering

Twitter Turned Beyoncé Reading Off A Menu Into A Meme

Anything Beyoncé does is always under heavy scrutiny. You cannot underestimate Beyoncé's influence on social media. Anything that she does is always under heavy scrutiny like...

Cartoon Picture Goes Viral Meme on Kenyan Twitter, Hilarity Ensues

This is the new viral meme on Kenyan Twitter

The Internet Turned This Photo Of Trump Into a Meme Fest

This is going to be a golden era for meme makers in the next 4 years. Donald Trump, US newest President has become catnip for...

The New Game On Twitter Is Guessing People’s Occupation

People on Twitter are uploading photos of themselves and waiting for others to comment about what their occupation could be

This Cat Photo Turned Into Twitter Meme Proves They Rule The Interwebs

Cats rule the internet and this case shows how an old cat photo was turned into a viral meme on Twitter
millie odhiambo

Kenyan MP’s Photo Quickly Turned to Meme after Parliament Gaffe

Yesterday, the President delivered the State of the Nation Address in Parliament and this event had its share of debacle on the floor of...

#Tujuane show reactions: MEMEs doing rounds.

I rarely watch TV, mostly since my industry is full of news and I find myself working on the internet and pass my free...

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