Apple’s New AirPods Pro Inspire Familiar Memes

AirPods Pro

Apple announced the new AirPods Pro and they are the more premium versions of their hugely successful wireless earphones brand. They add features like active noise cancellation, eartips, water resistance and cost $249, a cool $90 more than the regular AirPods.

However, the most polarizing thing about the AirPods has always been the design. People have likened the original AirPods to hairdryers and all and the Pros have been given the same treatment.

Right after Apple announced the AirPods Pro, people on Twitter started comparing the new AirPods Pros with a bunch of random things that look like it.

Looks like a blowdryer

It also looks like the the Plant from Plants vs Zombies game that was a smash hit back in the day

This has to stop

The new AirPods Pros look like the Penguin from Pingu, the Bellsprout Pokemon flower, a hairdryer or a shower

The new AirPods Pro look like an accessory from Mario

Still more references to Mario

Others claimed the new AirPods Pros look like the destructive lamp from the Pixar Logo animation

Or they look like Leeks

Some thought it looks like a vibrator

This has gone overboard literally.

Or maybe the new AirPod Pros come from the Star Wars universe.