The New Game On Twitter Is Guessing People’s Occupation



One thing that I like about Twitter is how extremely dynamic the platform is, no dull day over there. Thanks to its live nature, it encourages people to comment on the trend of the day.

We have seen several challenges done by people over the last several years which range from being borderline silly (planking) to being beneficial like the ALS Ice bucket challenge. Today’s challenge (of sorts) is about people posting a photo of themselves and posing the question: “What does it look like I do for a living?” and people were left guessing what they do. In typical Twitter fashion, people made fun of the whole situation and started posting their thoughts based on stereotypes.

This one made fan of Melania Trump, who infamously plagiarized Michelle Obama’s speech and that act will never be forgotten.

You look like a startup CEO


You look like leaving comments

You look like calling the manager.

Looks like he likes to go to PTA meetings.

Looked like Scar from Lion King

Living off white women

Looks like the person who likes walking around a campus.

If you watched Luke Cage (the Netflix series), you will definitely understand this!

Another pop culture reference to the TV show, Empire.

Another pop culture reference to Will Smith’s movie, In Pursuit of Happyness

He definitely looks like Mojo Jojo

He definitely looks like a villain in the X-Men universe

Okay, this is harsh

The challenge was not complete before someone throwing shade on the whole challenge.