Cartoon Picture Goes Viral Meme on Kenyan Twitter, Hilarity Ensues


If there is something you can trust social media networks to come up with, it is in the area of generating new memes from random pictures or photos. Every month this year, we have seen a picture being turned into a viral meme: January gave us the salt bae; February gave us Roll Safe, What in tarnation, I wasn’t counting and surprised guy blinking.

We’re already halfway in the new month and there is a new meme that is currently trending on Twitter. It features a cartoon character (Saitama) from the comic series One Punch Man  where he is shown in a pose where he has his hand on his chest with his head angled on the side which looks like the one people do when they are defending themselves.

Well, Twitter was set alight by the meme and people were quick to hop on the trend.

Me? Leave power?

Meanwhile in an MPESA agent shop

How touts argue

Salary cut

The meme became so popular, brands decided to hop on the gravy train and they used it to show some of the complaints they get.

Safaricom won with this one

In the case for Safaricom, this led to a retaliation like shown in this tweet

KCB too had this cheeky caption

Kiza Club

Even Tecno Mobile!

Weetabix Africa with their custom boxes

Carlsberg Kenya also joined the party

Urban brands

Well it is official, this Saitama meme has officially been inducted into the meme calendar of the year and will be used forever. So let’s see how long it will take for it to make rounds on your WhatsApp groups.


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