Kenyan Vlogger’s Day as a MEME is all the Comic Relief we Need


Time and time again, we’ve seen how social media can turn anything into a meme. This is usually true across the social networking apps: Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit…you name it.

Twitter is notorious for creating memes and people out there are quick enough to go to your image manipulation software to turn anything into a meme, may it be a photo, video or even GIFs. This latest one is a series of such meme treatment made by people and this one is a local one.

Well recently, a popular Twitter user by the name @RamzZy_ got the meme treatment thanks to a photo that was shared on social media of him walking rather boisterously.

This photo took a life on its own and it bore these viral memes and captions

How you see those supervisors you see in Kenyan supermarkets act when they are called to input a password.

How Nairobians show up for Christmas

How IT guys in the office act when you call them for their services

The meme treatment started to go to the Photoshop side of Twitter.

Someone made a Bad Boys movie poster

And a ‘I am Legend’ poster.

And him off to China or something. Errr

He was photoshopped as if he was running a short sprint race alongside Usain Bolt

Things went out of hand fast. Him with Jesus, at a pro wrestling match and with Icecube

And finally, this is him photoshopped walking with the head of state and his deputy