Twitter Turned Beyoncé Reading Off A Menu Into A Meme

beyonce ordering
Via Instagram

Anything Beyoncé does is always under heavy scrutiny.

You cannot underestimate Beyoncé’s influence on social media. Anything that she does is always under heavy scrutiny like her dropping surprise albums and her surprise pregnancy announcement on Instagram which went on to become the most liked picture in history on the platform and a top trending topic on Twitter.

Recently, Beyoncé uploaded a series of photos on Instagram (Thank you Instagram Galleries) where she shared to the world the events that happened in what looks like a restaurant. She shared 8 photos in total to her over 100 million Instagram followers, but one photo in the gallery caught the eye of people: The one where she seems to be ordering from a menu.

This single photo lit up Twitter and people went all the way to come up with hilarious captions that could describe the moment perfectly. Here are some of the top ones that were shared on Twitter.

Of course people had to use the pop culture reference to her album

No, Blue Ivy has her own money

Beyonce complaining of her being overcharged.

Woah woah woah who ordered gratuity? (Yes we know it is sarcastic)

Beyonce is so important, the restaurant can make everything and let her choose

“I can have the vegan ice water, the rest can order the BEST STUFF.”

Beyonce negotiating as if she’s in the studio

“I only had appetizer and water.”

Why am I paying for gratuity?

Beyonce can turn a seafood place into a fast food restaurant.

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