Instagram Galleries Is Now Official, and That’s Bad News For Your Data Balance



Instagram was only one of the few major apps that didn’t let you upload multiple photos on one post and it led users to be creative by uploading photo montages using apps like Layout or PhotoGrid.

Well now those days are gone as starting today, you will be able to share multiple photos and videos in one post on Instagram. This feature was previewed around 3 weeks ago and now it has been made official by the company.

In this update, you will be able to combine upto 10 photos and videos on one post. When you upload your galleries, you will see a new icon to select the photos and videos. You can apply the classic Instagram filters on your entire album or either one by one and the album will be given a single caption.

Your followers will identify these albums on the feed by an icon that appears on the top right of the album thumbnail and they will go through the album by swiping along. There is also a progress indicator (blue dots) at the bottom that shows you your progress in the gallery.

This update brings a whole new level of sharing on Facebook’s best purchase yet where people will be able to share the whole experience of an event like a birthday party in one post. Also, you may have to enjoy looking at these albums on Wi-Fi since these may gobble your data bundles fast!

The update is being rolled out as version 10.9 for both the iOS and Android apps.


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