The Internet Turned This Photo Of Trump Into a Meme Fest


This is going to be a golden era for meme makers in the next 4 years.

Donald Trump, US newest President has become catnip for meme makers thanks to his antics that we see being broadcasted by media and shared all over social media. There was a time when he gave some weird faces when he met Obama as President elect,  the whole fiasco about his inauguration attendance and when he attempted to put a cap on his pen.

Well now, this is something different and it involves Trump actually doing serious stuff. As you may have heard, Trump signed some executive orders for various things and he has made it a habit to show the papers to the press as shown below.

Now people across the Internet have decided to play with Trump’s decision to show the orders by photoshopping all sorts of things Trump would be doing instead and they are hilarious!

Take for example this Twitter account @TrumpDraws which is dedicated to show Trump drawing a bunch of stuff and they are all in GIF form which makes it even funnier!

Trump drawing a cat

Trump drawing himself

Trump drawing a turkey

The same thing also happened on Reddit where we saw such things like:

Trump showing him showing the executive order. Trump-ception

“We need to go deeper” from dankmemes

Trump showing his Pokemon collection

Already caught ’em all. from dankmemes

This is not crazy at all, he might do it!

Trump’s first Order of Business on the rise. BUY BUY BUY from MemeEconomy


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