Reddit Turned A Photo Of Trump Holding A Pen Into A Photoshop Battle

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Donald Trump is the new US President and thanks to his campaign to become the President, he has been under more scrutiny than before. The downside of being this famous is that people will take any chance to troll you and that is what Reddit did.

The last time Reddit did a photoshop battle on a Trump photo is when he met his predecessor, Obama as President elect  and it was messy. Well this time around, Photoshopbattles subreddit had fun with this photo of Trump trying to close his pen, which was ripe for it to be turned into a trending meme.

The photos range from them taunting his hands to the whole wall craze that is has to him being depicted as a child (playing with action figures and stuff).

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Look at some of the emerging photoshop jobs like this one:

Trump playing the cello

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Tiny hand Trump. This joke is not going away soon

Tiny Hand Trump

Trump playing with an even tinier cello

Donny orchestra

Trump building the wall

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They even made him play with toy dinosaurs

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This is him eating a burrito….the wrong way

Trump eating a burrito to get over the Mexican President canceling on him

Remember his major campaign promise to build a wall? Well his wish was granted

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We are not done yet with the wall gag

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Trump playing with a Chinese finger trap toy

Trump trying to connect two power cords.

1.21 Jigawatts!

Trump playing with his dolls

Is that the Russian flag?

You can always trust Reddit for such content and expect more content from Photoshop battles subreddit in the future.

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