The Internet Did Not Ignore Obama’s Awkward Meeting With Trump


Yesterday, a planned meetup of President Obama and the President-elect Donald Trump happened at the Oval office in the White House. It was the first official visit by the predecessor and the successor of the most powerful office in the land after the eventful election that happened on Tuesday this week.

As usual, people from all over the world were following the events as they were being broadcasted on traditional media and of course via the various channels on social media. It is not news that the two figures have not been too kind to each other during rallies or any public forum, but in this case, it was a moment to start the orientation for Trump to be acquainted with the Presidential gig that he signed up for.

Well, pictures started streaming in of the eventual meetup and as usual, people were glued. However, this gem of a photo appeared and made Twitter and Reddit go nuts.

The above photo was the moment before the eventual handshake, which was even more epic thanks to the facial expressions of both Obama and Trump.

Some people were too quick to describe what Obama would have done after that handshake.

Someone took the chance to photoshop the photo by adding one of the best pop culture memes that we have seen in recent times. Can you spot it?

On Reddit, people went further with the whole Photoshop battle where they placed Obama and Trump in various scenarios.

Obama and Trump in a boring party

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What do you want for Christmas, Mr Trump?

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This is another pop culture reference to Jerry Springer’s show where Obama and trump are positioned as contestants.

Tonight, we will find out who the real father is


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