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Donald Trump Deplatformed: All the Social Media Networks and Websites That Have Banned/Restricted Him So Far

There was a lot going on this past week but the complete chaos was when the US Capitol was sieged by insurrectionist mobs last...

Trump Slated to “Ban” TikTok in the U.S. Today

TikTok is not having or going to have a fun weekend in the U.S. Lat night local time, it was reported that Microsoft was...
Donald Trump

Twitter Suspended Man After Sending Exact Copies of Trump’s Tweets

To establish that Twitter is lenient on its popular users that abuse its policies, a user (@BizzareLazar) used an account named ‘Will They Suspend...
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

What is Twitter’s New Unpopular Feature, Fact-Check?

This week has been interesting because, for the first time, social media giant Twitter fact-checked two of America’s President Donald Trump posts. The platform...
trump threatens to close social media platforms

Donald Trump Threatens To Close Down Social Media Platforms on a Social Media Platform

US President, Donald Trump, has today threatened to close down social media platforms over the fear that they "silence" conservative voice. In a spirited rant...
Donald Trump

Donald Trump Charges At Google For “Rigging” Search Results Against Him

With a two-part tweet, Google has gone from one of "America's greatest companies" as President Trump called it back in July while defending them...
Chris Wylie

Understanding How Cambridge Analytica Abused Facebook Data to Influence Elections

If you happen to do a Google search on Facebook and Cambridge Analytica in one sentence you will come across headlines such as; "50 million...
Donald Trump Twitter suspended
Petition buy Twitter ban trump

This Lady Wants to Buy Twitter so She can Ban Donald Trump

People are sick of Trump's tweets
Trump on a Truck

The Internet Couldn’t Resist Photoshopping ‘Trucker Trump’, With Great Results

Trucker Trump is the newest photoshop battle on Twitter and Reddit
tiny trump

‘Tiny Trump’ Is The New Photoshop Craze On Reddit

People on Reddit are Photoshopping Trump in several situations where he appears tiny and they are hilarious
make trump 8 years old again

This Chrome Extension Transforms Trump’s Tweets To Look Like They Were Written By An 8 Year Old

A TV show came up with a Chrome extension that turns Trump tweets to look like they were written by an eight year old

Twitter Proves Trump Owns and Wears Bathrobes Despite An Aide Saying It Was ‘Made Up’

Trump's Press Secretary said that he does not own or wear a bathrobe and Twitter provided evidence that indeed he does

The Internet Turned This Photo Of Trump Into a Meme Fest

This is going to be a golden era for meme makers in the next 4 years. Donald Trump, US newest President has become catnip for...

Tech Community Reacts To Donald Trump’s Immigration Ban

After US President, Donald Trump, signed an executive order on Friday barring immigration and travel to the States from seven countries, tech industry executives...

Reddit Turned A Photo Of Trump Holding A Pen Into A Photoshop Battle

  Donald Trump is the new US President and thanks to his campaign to become the President, he has been under more scrutiny than before....

Twitter Search Results For “asshole”, “tiny hands” and “racist” Include Donald Trump’s Profile

If you go to twitter right now and search the word "asshole", the profile of the 45th President of the United States of America,...

This Tool Lets You Generate Fake Donald Trump Tweets

Fake Donald Trump tweets have been trending on twitter, in some parts of the world, since his inauguration. Fake Trump Tweet, is a tool that...

The Highs and Lows of the Donald Trump Inauguration as Seen on Social Media

Donald Trump's Inauguration was held Friday last week and the various events that happened were covered very well on social media

Where To Follow Donald Trump’s Inauguration Live on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube

You can follow the inauguration of Donald Trump on livestreams that are being broadcasted on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Washington Post Built A Tool to Fact Check Trump’s Tweets

Credibility of a news organization is one of their main assets and due to the influx of reports of fake news on networks like...

The Internet Did Not Ignore Obama’s Awkward Meeting With Trump

Yesterday, a planned meetup of President Obama and the President-elect Donald Trump happened at the Oval office in the White House. It was the...

Trump Tried To Woo Millenials Using A Photo of His Children And It Didn’t Go As Expected

Trump decided to woo the millenial vote using a photo posted on Twitter which featured his children, but it didn't go as planned.
Donald Trump sex escapades book

A guy tweeted he’ll write a “Donald Trump sex novel” and it was published by Amazon

Elijah Daniel (@aguywithnolife) had an idea yesterday and decided to tweet using the widely popular way to have a monologue on Twitter: By threading...

Chrome Extension Replaces All Mentions of Donald Trump with Lord Voldermort

No one attracts a fair share of criticism and extreme love from critiques, fans and haters alike like US Presidential candidate and multi-billionaire businessman...

There’s a Chrome Extension to Rid You of All Mentions of Donald Trump on the Web

Just like there is an app for everything these days, there’s also almost always a Chrome extension for anything. More so if that thing...
donald trump

Twitter Poll: People Would Rather Vote in a Duck Than Donald Trump

The social media world can be hilarious sometimes. Satire, sarcasm and general trolling is the order of the day on Twitter which is...

Oracle Trumps Google in API Copyrighted Case

When Oracle brought an IP case against Google back in 2010 for the use of Java in its Android system, the Search Giant defended...

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