Kenyan MP’s Photo Quickly Turned to Meme after Parliament Gaffe

millie odhiambo
via Twitter
millie odhiambo
via Twitter

Yesterday, the President delivered the State of the Nation Address in Parliament and this event had its share of debacle on the floor of the August house. That event gave rise to a certain photo being leaked to social media, which was a photo of Mbita MP, Hon Millie Odhiambo.

Apparently, she was thrown out of Parliament because she was out of order due to her whistling. The photo of the MP which can be seen on Citizen TV website shows her visibly in distress and the moment captured became a meme on its own on Twitter. People photoshopped the moment in various situations while others skipped the photoshopping altogether and used it to describe various situations where it could best describe it.

When the photo was uploaded on Twitter, people jumped on it and started to use it where some used Photoshop to place it in a situation and others used it as it is. This led to a flurry of memes being generated and here are some of the ones that were shared:

The complainer

The singer

The rollercoaster

The drummer

Dentist appointment

Being headbutted by Zinedine Zidane.

When Millie met Miley

That is not all. Others did not photoshop the image and started using  the photo on various scenarios.

When your mom finds you using plates reserved for visitors

Best friends when they meet

When grandma hears you’ve not eaten.

This meme will live forever on Twitter and the various iterations probably have been shared on other networks like Facebook and WhatsApp.