Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko Becomes a Meme After Photo Goes Viral

sonko obama twitter meme

sonko obama twitter meme

Former US President, Barack Obama is in the country and obviously had to do the classic meet and greet with our leaders at State House. As usual, they had to take photos for the media and one photo stood out from the meet.

A photo was shared of Obama, his sister Auma, President Uhuru, Deputy President Ruto and the Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary, Monica Juma. However towards the left side, Nairobi’s Governor, Mike Sonko was standing on the extreme back left away from the focus of the photo and this was a recipe for a viral photo.

Once this photo was shared on Twitter, Kenyans were too quick to make all sorts of scenarios that best depicted the scene and they were hilarious. Since this is Twitter, the comments ranged from quirky ones to downright savage and people did not hold back.

Sonko looked like he was about to take a free kick

This guy decided to reveal his family gatherings life

Some were just too cruel

“He was an unwanted guest”

They even roasted him because he posted an ad about Obama

Sonko rescue team is on standby

It became worse. They started photoshopping the governor on other situations. Like him waiting in line during the World Cup award ceremony.

And here is another one where they photoshopped him on another unrelated photo

This went political fast

Now this is the most savage of all

This person thought Sonko was photobombing the moment

And it is a wrap. Ouch