#Tujuane show reactions: MEMEs doing rounds.


I rarely watch TV, mostly since my industry is full of news and I find myself working on the internet and pass my free time on the same internet. Entertainment would be mainly caught on social media (Twitter, Google plus, Youtube, Blogs and Facebook). And that explains why I havent watched a single episode of the quite famous production #Tujuane on Kenyan TV. I was oblivious of the fact that they later upload the episodes to Youtube. This episode caught my attention after the conversation was bigger than that on #MWC13 where a number of announcements were happening from Global mobile giants.

A recent episode of Tujuane broke the seams with reaction and has since attracted a number of hilarious tweets and MEMEs. Below is  episode 12 of the show.

I will leave the tweets and capture the MEMEs that are out there so far.



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