This Guy Illustrated His Professional Sins With Help of Trending Meme


distracted boyfriend meme

There has been a meme floating around Twitter that involves a guy who gets distracted by another woman while with another woman. The distracted boyfriend meme was born from a stock photo and has become one of the most meme-able trends in recent times.

We have seen people try to outdo the distracted boyfriend meme in a host of different ways. Everytime you think that we have reached the creativity limit, someone usually comes up with an even better version of the meme and this guy decided to do just that.

Gonzalez Viera, a visual editor decided to take advantage of this trend where he illustrated his 10 professional sins in this format and it is hilarious! He made cartoon illustrations from the stock photo for the various “professional sins” and here is the list.

When you want to try out that hyperrealistic 3D 

When bigger seems better but in this age, smaller is better

When a specific data is best represented by a certain chart but you want that fancy data visualization.

Instead of sketching, he instead eyes on sketching with code

Eyeing a certain colour scheme while totally ignoring a tried and tested colour palette

Ignoring deadlines

Ignores a well tested format for an experiment

When the data does not support your hypothesis

Last minute ideas vs your gut feeling about a project

Juggling whether to focus on the narrative style over the substance of the story