Someone Recreated SmashMouth’s “All Star” With Windows XP Sounds

I will never view that song the same ever again



The Internet is a beautiful place.

It’s not the first time we have seen people making video montages of unrelated things that end up being awesome at the end and this is another feather in that category’s cap.

The video above uploaded on one James Neilssen’s YouTube channel combined two pop culture items, the legendary Windows XP and the band Smashmouth. The resulting piece is actually pretty awesome.

The video starts with the classic tones we got accustomed to on Windows XP that show the completion of various tasks and Clippy made a cameo! The tones start gaining momentum and they end up sounding like Smashmouth’s hit single for 1999 “All-Star.”

During the video, the guy’s face is replaced by Clippy while other people were given masks that contained Windows XP elements like Paint and the boot-up splash screen. Other tones that contributed to the orchestra included tones from the really popular Pinball game which contributed to the whole effect.

This is not the first Smashmouth meme James Nielssen has uploaded on his channel. There is another one where the same song by the band was altered to sound like somebody was the only lyric.

Well you have to give credit to the guy for combining retro pop culture elements which were released years ago (16 years for XP and 18 years for All Star) only to be immortalized as a combined montage meme.

Well that song will never be the same again, thanks a lot Internet!