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Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham Hotspur’s New Stadium Will Be Like No Other, Technologically Speaking

It is getting cumulatively challenging for some us to look forward to weekends that have no football activity, especially the English Premier League (EPL)....

Manchester United Fans are Probably Nearing Breaking Point Going by These Tweets

Manchester United fans were clearly not amused by their team's loss yesterday and they decided to vent out their frustrations on Twitter.
Mesut OZil

Mesut Özil Scored An Epic Winning Goal Which Sent Twitter On An Euphoric Rush

Mesut Ozil scored an epic goal that won the match for Arsenal and Twitter went mad.

This Cat Photo Turned Into Twitter Meme Proves They Rule The Interwebs

Cats rule the internet and this case shows how an old cat photo was turned into a viral meme on Twitter
Facebook Messenger football game

Facebook Messenger Now Has a Hidden Football Game

Facebook Messenger is quite broad nowadays and it is not tied to the core functionality which is to let people chat. It has an...

The Eiffel Tower will be Linked to Social Media Posts During Euro 2016 Tournament

Football matches usually generate a lot of interest on social media and specifically on Twitter due to the fact that the platform is perfect...

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