Facebook Messenger Now Has a Hidden Football Game

Facebook Messenger football game

Facebook Messenger is quite broad nowadays and it is not tied to the core functionality which is to let people chat. It has an apps platform where you can add extensions to it like Spotify, GIFs or Uber and also has a bots platform where developers can develop automated programs that perform specific tasks for you.

There are hidden games too on Messenger and you need to use special characters to activate. There is a hidden chess game and the basketball one where you activate it by sending a basketball emoji to your friend. This next hidden game in Messenger is just like the basketball one and this time round is about football.

Facebook Messenger football game

It is very easy to activate the game. You only need to send a contact on Messenger the football emoji and when you tap it, it will the load the game. In this case, the football game is all about balancing the football by repeatedly tapping it. It is very touch dependent so don’t make unintended swipes as it will lead to loss of control of the ball which leads to it falling down hence starting over again.

It will definitely take some time to get a hang of izt just like the basketball game and currently I’ve been able to get a high-score of 17. Just like how the basketball game is structured, there are various emoji that describe your game play and also when you are done with the game and go back to the chat screen, it will show your latest score.

This sort of games within Messenger have proven to be quite popular as Facebook’s VP of Messaging products points out, where he believed that the basketball game was played over a billion times in the last 3 months. Since that game was released during the NBA March Madness and the football game has been launched during the Euro 2016 tournament, there is a definite trend here and we can expect more sport themed games within the platform in the future.


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