The Eiffel Tower will be Linked to Social Media Posts During Euro 2016 Tournament

Eiffel Tower: Via Flickr- Creative commons licence

Football matches usually generate a lot of interest on social media and specifically on Twitter due to the fact that the platform is perfect for covering live events. That is why the company decided to have promotions like hashflags which are special hashtags for English Premier League Matches. Facebook also has the Sports Stadium to keep up with live sporting events. The 2015/2016 season ended recently for many football leagues in the world and fans are now focused on the next big tournament: The Euro 2016.

According to a report by Quartz, Orange, the well known French carrier is embarking on a very interesting campaign in conjunction that involves the country’s most iconic landmark: The Eiffel Tower. The Euro 2016 will be held in the country from 10th this month for a whole month and the country will be the point of focus during this time.

That is why they have planned a campaign where lights on the tower will be lit corresponding to the number of posts  shared on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. There will be recommended hashtags which people will have to use which will be tallied from 12:01 am to 9:30pm of that day. This is the awesome part: The team that will garner the most social media support from people will eventually lead to their national flag colours being displayed on the Eiffel tower. Apparently, it is a big operation as the publisher reveals that there will be moderators who have a blacklist that would be used to reject some words.

This will be indeed a tournament to watch out for and this further iterates how social media use has become deeply rooted with our normal “offline” life. We have to wonder what is in store in the upcoming Rio Olympics in terms of involving the audience who will be talking about it on social media.