Twitter Adds English Premier League HashFlags As New Season Commences

Courtesy: Analytics SEO
Courtesy: Analytics SEO
Courtesy: Analytics SEO

Twitter has been trying to be the social network of choice for following sporting events. They have been doing this by introducing hashflags, which are specialized hashtags with thumbnails of popular logos so that people could follow the sporting events even better. Now today, they have specialized hashflags for the English Premier League as demonstrated by the official Premier league Twitter account:

Hashflags to use during the Premier season include   and for the specific football clubs like       and in an interesting move the  one is  not abbreviated. In addition, there are hashflags for the specific matches which are demonstrated using the gif the Premier league Twitter account posted:

Twitter knows that one of the key things that pulls in users to its platform are constant real time updates of events that are happening in the world and to keep these people engaged, the tactic of using these custom hashflags enables users to identify quickly with the event and make comments about it. It also helps in tracking of the conversation where Twitter and other third party companies can be able to come up with a report about the impressions & engagement statistics the hashtags created, which is good for advertisers who would want to market their products when this happens.

I think this is a good move by Twitter since the English Premier League attracts an audience of around 4.7 billion people, which in any measure is staggering. The league will commence this weekend and you bet it would be awesome to use these hashflags.


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