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Showmax Pro Review: Live Sport Streaming Makes it a Compelling Package

Showmax Pro went live in July this year and it was a very interesting package. This very feature set Showmax apart from the rest of...

The English Premier League is Rumoured to Release a Netflix-Like Streaming App for Live Matches

How about watching the Premier League using a Netflix-esque service? This development is what the PL has hinted to launch, but a couple of...

Kenyans Feature Heavily Among Millions Who Stream Premier League Matches Illegally

Let us not kid ourselves: people who have access to unlimited internet get to do all manner of things. This has been the case...
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Facebook and Amazon Are Interested in Bidding for English Premier League Streaming Rights

The English Premier League is a 9 month long spectacle that draws a large audience worldwide. That is why traditional media outlets pay billions...

Twitter Adds English Premier League HashFlags As New Season Commences

Twitter has been trying to be the social network of choice for following sporting events. They have been doing this by introducing hashflags, which...

Selfie sticks are not welcome in the English Premier League

Selfie sticks have been phenomenal. They were the hottest selling item in the United States over the Christmas holiday period leading Bloomberg to call...