Selfie sticks are not welcome in the English Premier League


Selfie stick

Selfie sticks have been phenomenal. They were the hottest selling item in the United States over the Christmas holiday period leading Bloomberg to call them “the best gift of 2014”. That may be the far they may get though since in the UK (same country where there’s a crazy college course to teach you how to take selfies) leading football clubs will be taking extra measures to make sure the selfie sticks don’t make it to the stands.

Selfie sticks are already banned in stadiums during English Premier League matches but football clubs will be going a step further and confiscating any that make their way past the set security checks in the stadiums. Why? They are a security threat. London clubs Tottenham and Arsenal are among the first to agree to ban selfie sticks from their home stadiums.

The English Premier League is no stranger to being on a collision course with an increasingly social audience as the FA banned the distribution of videos from matches on social media platforms like Vine at the start of the current football season. Well, from what we have seen so far this has been largely ignored. At around the same time, Manchester United also banned the use of laptops and tablets during matches as the devices were said to flout its security rules that ban any device larger than 150mmx100mm.

Looking at it, what would stop you from whacking anyone with the same stick you used to take a selfie moments ago if things go south and your team doesn’t emerge victorious?



Source: BBC