Manchester United bans tablets and laptops from Old Trafford on matchday


Manchester United

I don’t know about you but I am always irritated when I am at a social event and someone is busy taking snaps and selfies using an 8.9, 9.7, heck even a 10.1 inch device. An iPad here, a Galaxy Tab there, a no-name cheap 8 incher from Nanjing somewhere over the next table. It sucks. Problem is, this newly found culture has been so persistent that it is now acceptable. At least in most places. Like wedding receptions or even cocktail parties (who does that?). Thankfully, that sort of behaviour is not welcome at the home of my favourite football club, Manchester United.

The English Premier League returns for a whole new season of unmatched footballing action and in readiness for that, Manchester United has unveiled a raft of new items that are banned from Old Trafford. Top on the list of such items include any device that is bigger than 150mmx100mm. That automatically puts the likes of the Apple iPad and anything like it out of the equation. Of course laptops too. Apple’s tablet leads by far when you look at statistics and of course it is more likely to pop up anywhere than any other tablet thanks to its popularity and having been sort of a pioneer in the use of the tablet as we know it today.

Of course the club could be doing this as a way of consolidating broadcast rights and whatnot but I think it makes sense as anyone flaunting a 9.7 inch device to take a photo is essentially blocking those behind them. Also, this eases the security situation as fans check in to the stands. Whatever the case or reason behind this move by the Manchester club, several pieces of technology won’t be seeing the inside of Old Trafford as the new season is ushered this coming weekend.


Source: The Guardian

Photo: TNW