Manchester United Fans are Probably Nearing Breaking Point Going by These Tweets

They cannot take it anymore

Credit: EPA

Twitter is a great place to see what people are watching on TV and one of the things people watch is sports. Football is arguably the biggest sport on the planet and the English Premier League is the most popular of the lot when it comes to viewership numbers.

Manchester United is one of the most successful English Premier League teams and has accumulated a huge fan base around the world. Matchdays are a big deal for this fans and there is usually incredible pressure on them to deliver.

However, yesterday, they lost to Fenerbahce during their Europa League fixture and this did not sit well with fans. Unlike fans from other teams, Manchester United fans have enjoyed a rather “sheltered” life when it comes to their team winning goals and they are not as resilient as the other fans.

It started with all the banter from fans from rival teams which were targeted at Man United fans.

The frustrations were clearly evident from the fans and they decided to vent it all on Twitter.

Some requested a refund.

Others went way too far.

Some fans are now resulting to support the brand rather than the team.

“We are a JOKE FC”

Others decided to switch teams, like this guy decided to support a German club instead.

Some have reached the breaking point.

I’m pretty sure a majority of Man United supporters can attest to this statement.

Other fans have given up and are now used to the status quo.

This was unlike what Arsenal fans were feeling when Mesut Ozil scored the winner just recently in the Champions league and you can expect more reactions like this during the weekend.

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