Reddit is Rolling Out its New Redesign in Over a Decade

Reddit new design

Reddit is one of those social networks that have largely stuck with their classic user interface since  the mid 2000s. When other networks moved on to more modern ‘flatter’ looks, Reddit still looked like websites you’d see back in the day, but it was still very popular and useful. Subreddits could be customized for the specific topic and it is a great resource to see what people are talking about on the Inter

Recently, Reddit decided to make changes. They introduced a mobile app, added native video uploads and images. They also decided to drop a bombshell by saying that they would implement a new design and we are now getting to see it.

“Today we’ll begin welcoming a small percentage of users into version 1 of our redesigned desktop site,” Reddit said. Apparently the company has been working at this project for more than a year and they shared how the redesign would look like.

Reddit has started beta testing the rollout to a few users. The new user interface looks akin to what we saw with the mobile app where it looks ‘flat’ and modern while still retaining the layout we are used to on Reddit.

The company says this is version 1 and we should expect improvements and features to be brought by in the coming weeks. If you already have the new design and you don’t like it, you can always go back to to opt out. Also for the majority yet to get the feature, Reddit says that they are planning to make the opt-in available to everyone in the coming weeks.


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