Reddit finally launches its official Android and iOS app


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Reddit has never had an official app for mobile and it was rather weird for a social network of its stature to miss the smartphone app train. They tried to make up for this with the acquisition of Alien Blue, a popular third party app two years ago.

We still wanted a first party app from them and fortunately signs of a Reddit app started showing up in December last year. On December, Reddit announced that you could sign up to get the official Reddit app. On January, we started seeing screenshots of the purported Reddit app for Android which looked well done in my opinion complete with Google’s Material design.

The wait is over as the official first party apps for Reddit are now official. Just like we saw in the screenshots, it has support for threaded comments, inline images, messaging and interesting enough, theme support.

Reddit app

The app is designed in such a way that you will be able to keep up with the latest news on Reddit where top content will be at the top (thanks to the upvotes) just like on the web. They also promise an “improved inbox” and the ability to discover subreddits on Reddit.

Unfortunately, it is a limited release and not all markets can be able to download the new app for Android and iOS. However, Reddit promises three months free Reddit Gold subscription if you are an early adopter of the app. We only expect Reddit to hasten the global release of the official app but we are already sorted with an excellent third party app like Relay Pro.

Source: Reddit


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