Reddit ditches Imgur, will now allow you upload images and GIFs natively



Uploading photos is one of the intrinsic functions of social networks and it has become a default feature. Not all networks started with the idea of uploading photos by default. Twitter did not have the feature for example and it led to the rise of a third party company called Twitpic.

Reddit has not had native image hosting and was using Imgur. Now the company announced that they are changing all that and moving to an in-house image hosting system.

“For a long time, other image hosting services have been an integral part of how content is shared on Reddit,” the company iterated on their site, “we’re grateful to those teams, but are looking forward to bringing you a more seamless experience with this new feature.”

Well thanks to the in-house hosting of photos, you can now upload photos that are upto 20MB and GIFs upto 100MB in size directly to Reddit. Imgur, for example has a 20MB limit for photos and a whooping 200MB limit for GIFs so Reddit has been able to almost match what Imgur currently offers.

TechCrunch got a statement from Imgur about the latest move by Reddit to host images natively.

This isn’t a surprise.Tools for uploading images are an expected part of any platform these days.While Imgur stared as a simple image-sharing service, it’s evolved beyond that and  is now a massive community of people sharing and discovering the most awesome images from all around the internet.

We’re focused on our mission to surface up the world’s most entertaining content and making Imgur the best visual community in the world. That said, nothing will change for Reddit users who would like to use Imgur to share their images on Reddit.

The image hosting functionality will not be available to all Reddit subreddits since the company will roll it out to 16 default communities first then 50 more next week. Some of these communities include EarthPorn, Gaming, GetMotivated, Funny, Gifs, mildlyinteresting, OldSchoolCool, Sports, Art, Aww,DataisBeautiful, Food, Movies, photoshopbattles and pics.


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