These Could be the Worst Designed Volume Sliders According to Reddit


Reddit is a fun place to be in, ask Kiruti and he’ll tell you. The latest trend coming out of Reddit’s shelves is a contest to find the worst designed volume slider.

The contest is being run under the subreddit “Programmer Humor” and the redditors have been challenged to get creative and design what they deem to be as the worst designed volume sliders. Here’s some of the design that i found to be interesting:

Volumes should be unique – This entry claims that the volume slider should work like usernames and only allow one person per volume level. In short, we cannot both listen to something at volume 10.

Shitty Volume Bar – This one will probably annoy you as much as flappy bird did, like it’s all in the name. This is a shitty volume slider.

Dice Volume – how would you like to roll some dice?

Volume Slider with a daily quota limit – This will definitely make you rethink about moving from volume 69 to 70.

Location-Based volume –  what if your volume was automatically set according to the latitude of your location?

Volume slider – I know you won’t get why the owner used this name, but once you see it, you’ll get it (if you loved math in school).

Snake Volume – Are you feeling nostalgic? Can’t get your hands on a Nokia 3310? Then just change your volume!

Physics Volume Slider – This one seems fun. Sorry shaky hands people.

Very Accurate Volume Slider – If you can survive changing your volume on this slider without getting pissed, you deserve a trophy.

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Gambling – Love gambling? When Sportpesa fails, you can always just gamble with your volume and hope for high returns 😀

Since it is a contest, there has to be a winner and as much as the contest is not yet over, in the lead is this volume slider that will let you launch a 90dB volume slider over 300 metres. It’s like playing an actual game.

Here’s my personal favourite, just because I am loud.

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