Reddit’s Official App Now Supports Android Q’s Dark Mode Toggle


As the official launch of Android Q gets closer, apps have been refining their dark mode/theme in order to support Android Q’s system-wide dark mode. Reddit is the latest and the only app that now includes support for the dark mode toggle Android Q is coming with. Other apps from the likes of Apple, Microsoft and Facebook have already or are working on getting dark mode on to their official apps.

How it works

The recent addition gave users the ability to have auto-night mode follow Android Q’s dark theme setting. Reddit dark theme will follow when Android Q switches to a dark theme.

However, users will still be able to force dark them at any given time without needing system settings. Reddit adds that this new feature will toggle between the default theme and Night by default.

Android Q’s system-wide dark mode will come in handy since when it turns on, apps that have dark them follow suit and switch to dark mode and there’s no need to play with the settings of each app.

Other new updates that Reddit version 3.33 is getting include the option to add of subreddits with an underscore in their name to Custom Feeds.

The new updates are being rolled out gradually according to XDA but it is expected that by the end of the week, all users should have already got them.


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